Archive for May 8, 2012

Keep Things Interesting!

List Your Benefits

No, I’m not talking about the medical and 401k employee benefits here!  I’m talking about listing the benefits of using your company!  I encourage companies to focus on the benefits of their service(s)/product(s) rather than list what they do.

The Potential Client Will Read On…

If you begin to list the benefits of using your company, the potential client will pay attention because that’s what (he/she) is searching. Always think like the potential customer when putting together a flyer, banner, blog, etc… If you’re not sure, ask one of your clients and tell them to be honest!  When companies simply list the obvious of what they do, it’s just noise that means absolutely nothing. Listing the benefits on the other hand, is more appealing!

Stir Things Up- Make it Interesting!

I have a great example for you. Generally speaking, gas stations are not known for their clean bathrooms. In putting together an ad campaign, this gas station decided to use the very ” pet peeve” of dirty bathrooms, and turn it around. They are now well renowned for their beautiful bathrooms…. and yes, they sell a lot of gas too.

Make it a great day and keep things interesting!  If you need help with your marketing or web design, contact me


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