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Blogging Boldly and Confident

Is Blogging Right for My Company?

That’s a great question and I believe that every company should first, have a website in place.  Blogging for a company is a great idea and can generate a lot of interest… if done correctly.

Be Organized with Your Content

Always begin your blog with the end in mind.  I always recommend that people ask the question “What is your main objective?” and take it from that point.  A blog should not be too long and should have several headers, an image and bullet points.  When you blog with a main objective in mind, add the main topic of your blog and the headers should be the organized content that follows. Begin a blog with the knowledge of what kind of blog it is.  Are you setting it up as a teaching tool or are you simply passing on good information?

Why Bullet Points Are Important

Bullet points create an organization to your blog.  Even if a reader is scanning through your blog, he/she will remember the content if you have bullet points.  Here’s an example below:

  • Create interesting content and keep it real
  • Discuss relevant issues in a manner that is easy to comprehend
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, have fun with your blog
  • Keep it short, people don’t like long blogs

For more information on how to blog boldly, listen to Life Improvement Radio on Wednesday, December 12th at 10:00am EST.

For more information, please contact me at Integrated Marketing USA

Until next time, have fun blogging!

Passion is Contagious- Spread It Around!

What Are You Passionate About?

One of the main characteristics a good sales person possesses is passion! You can be a business owner, an employee or a contractor- if you are passionate about what you do, it shows and you can spread that passion to others around you!

Are Your Employees Passionate?

Zappos is big on making sure their employees are passionate. They understand that importance and role that passion plays in their companies. Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO states that “We want people who are eager to live the Zappos lifestyle and promote the Zappos culture- not a typical nine-to-five office employee.” A job is more than just a job. Let’s face it, we spread many hours on the job. The team at work should be passionate about the product/service and company.  Is that the case with your company?  If not, what can you do about it?

Passion Says It All!

When business owners and employees are passionate about the company, product or service, that spreads to the customers who in turn can spread the word to their friends and family!

Don’t just live your life day by day- be passionate about what you do for a living. If you’re a business owner, look around your company. If there is no passion…. you have a perfect opportunity to make a difference!

Have a great day!


Trust & Marketing

How To Establish Trust In Marketing

How does a company go about establishing trust? We have all seen various marketing campaigns that promote a product or service and they’re the best and a MUST have!  We all know that those are just “wha, wha” sentences and to be truthful, most people don’t respond either way to such claims or promises. In this society of social media, advertising and gadgets, people have become somewhat immuned by such statements.

Let Your Customers Brag!

It’s one thing to hear a company claim the moon and the stars. It’s another to have a customer promote your product or services. There’s nothing like hearing it from the consumer. Encourage your customers to post about your products/services on your blog, your Facebook pages, ask them to Tweet about it and explain why they love your product/services so much.

Trust is important and experience is the proof. Let the voice of experience speak for your company. Offer incentives for people to talk about your products/services. You could even hold a contest with the most creative video about your product/services!

People can argue with a point of view, but one can never argue with experience!

Make it a great week!


Marketing for Today- List The Benefits!

Why List The Benefits?

When you’re planning a Marketing Campaign, make sure you list the benefits! Many people list the product/service and forget to list the benefits! People are educated and will be more tempted to buy your product if they know what the results are going to be!

People Buy For Results

Begin with the end in mind! Why should people buy your service/products? Make it obvious and then add the call to action!  Don’t be too soft on the benefits of your products- think like your potential customer. List the many benefits!

Don’t Let Your Clients Make the Assumption!

So many businesses have the right motive and they market a product or service without listing the benefits! If you’re targeting a new customer, why should they buy the product/service that you offer? We never want to give the job of assuming what the product is to our potential clients- that should be the business’ job- give em all the information!

Call us if you need a Marketing Team or if you need a new and fresh perspective on marketing or web design! We love what we do and we see results! or call us (727) 432-8693

Make it a great day!


Owner/Founder of Rain and Company

#1- We Need To Be True To Ourselves FIRST!

What does being true to ourselves have to do with business?

For those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis, you know that I usually stick to business and to practical tips.  This blog is a bit different.  I want to challenge you and ask you if you are pursuing what you are passionate about?  The business that you’re in, is it what you want to do? Does it come naturally for you to do the things you do? So many people live their entire lives trying to imitate someone else. The sad thing is that all along, they were suppose to be who they are and that brings so much value to the workplace, family, friends… and it draws customers in because they are passionate about the product or service and it comes naturally!

Follow Your Passion- It is Contagious!

As a marketing specialist, I tell my clients that there is one thing that is more contagious than anything else and that is passion!  If you’re passionate about your business and your products/services… then you will draw customers on  your side and they will believe in the product/services that you offer. Without passion, you simply have a blah product/service.

Time For A Check-Up?

We all need to take some time and do a self check-up of where we are in life. Life changes all the time and so many of us need to adjust just to survive. Survival should be a temporary place, but many people make it a permanent residence.  What happens next, is that you start to hate what you do and you have no passion to grow or evolve into the next thing. If that’s you, I encourage you to take inventory of the things you are passionate about and pursue those things!

Life is too short to settle and we do so much better when we simply agree to be true to ourselves first! My favorite saying this year is “I Just Want To Be Me!”

Make it a great day!




The Art of Connecting VS Marketing

The game of marketing has significantly changed over the last five years. Competition is outrageous and someone else will always have a different opinion, course of action, recommendation…and it’s probably good advice too!

Be Different

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be “talked at”- I enjoy a conversation, especially when it’s with someone I know! I decided to be different in my business. All my clients are also considered friends. This is not just business as usual, I really want them to succeed. I tell my friends about them and I really listen to what they want. It’s called connections or relationships and no one can put a price tag on that word!

Start Engaging

Everywhere we look, we see marketing ads, TV commercials, banner ads and they all scream AT us. It doesn’t matter if you want to see or hear them, they’re there! They are rude and they interrupt a lot.  I call that pushed marketing. They don’t care about me as a person, they just care to get the message out there and get in my wallet- anyone one else feels that way? I started engaging my clients  and I try to connect the dots of my connections. Make it a personal thing- This is not just business as usual anymore.

Go Above & Beyond

If my clients look good and are successful, that’s a reflection on me! Don’t be afraid to go above & beyond for your clients. One way I go above and beyond is to use my connections to spread the word. One of the most important element in doing business with someone is trust. If I don’t trust someone, I won’t do business with them. If I trust them, I will do business with them, develop a friendship and add them to my circle of connections and I will do everything in my power to see them succeed.

We can market stuff until we’re blue in the face, or we can connect effectively and create long lasting business relationships!

Go ahead and connect!

Helene Warner

Owner/Founder of Rain and Company Web Design and Marketing Group



Do Not Settle- Web Design

The Art of Creating A Website

Do you know that there is so much more to a website than adding content and images? Where you add your images and what you add in your content can be done correctly or it can be poorly done.


Make sure you ad headlines that can be captured in less than two seconds. Make your headlines as relevant to your product/service as possible. Try to keep all headlines under 5 words or less and create images that will make people stop to look!

Your Website Represents Your Business

Make sure that your website reflects who you are both in look and in content. On the big world of the web, you might only have one opportunity to impress someone or to make them walk away and never look back. Too many people settle for “just a website” when they should see it as an investment to create a presence online that truly represents you as a person, your business, your service and your commitment to excellence. Your website should be your number one sales person.

Make The Investment

If your website is something that was put together quickly to have a web presence, I encourage you to spend time in doing some research and get your website done by a professional or contact us! On the web, there are no re-do’s, often times, you have only one opportunity to wow, captivate and make an impression. You and your business are worth the professional website!

Call us today or contact us at for a quote!

Make it a great day!


Marketing – Schmarketing! How To Relate in Marketing

Don’t Waste My Time Please!

So many marketers focus on doing busy work at having something “out there” and all they’re doing is that…. creating busy work for themselves with no results!

How To Make an Impact

Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing did a survey of 1,000 business owners. He asked them “Why do you buy?” Sounds like a simple question, but the answer is a lot more personal as the bottom results are tied in with relationship and reputation.

Trust Is A Golden Key!

My clients are more than just clients. I take the time to know them and develop a relationship. This enables me to improve on communication and get an understanding of what they want, how they want it and it allows me to for-see what they will need in the near and long-term future. In the end, it’s not just a business deal, it’s my reputation on the line. The most important element of my business is customer satisfaction.  My customers trust me and they know I will go above and beyond. It’s called “I’ve got your back!”


When I need a service or a product, referrals are my first search option. I will speak to friends, colleagues, family members and ask if anyone knows a good “name the product/service” and if they do, I feel much more at ease and will be more likely to contact those people. If I sense a trust after my phone call, then I can pair that with the recommendation that other people gave me and a new partnership begins.

Keep It Real

One of my favorite sayings is “Don’t just be different, make a difference!” How can I set myself apart from business a,b,c?  There is always going to be one factor that sets me apart by leaps and bounds…. that’s ME!  There’s only one you and if you remain genuine and true to who you are, it will shine through your work!

Go ahead and make a difference this week!

Four Steps Towards A Successful Marketing Campaign!

Why is it that so many companies keep going back to what they know! Perhaps it’s because the unknown represents taking risks!  Let’s face it, the unknown can be a scary place…what if we fail?  On the flip side of that, what if you win and win big?

Is your company at a stand sill? Are you doing the same things over and over again with your marketing? If it’s not working for you, THEN IT’S NOT WORKING and you NEED to change something.

1. Take A Survey or Ask People You Trust!

Take a survey of your products/services and ask people what they think of: 1. the product 2. the marketing approach and ask them if they would buy your product/service. So many times, marketers are in front of the same product/services and they loose sight of the big picture. Listen to what the feedback is and try not to take offense.

2. Ask Questions to the right Audience!

So many people make it a habit to copy and paste the same thing to the different venues. For example, if you write a blog about your product/services, offer advice or ask questions. If you’re on LinkedIn, post your blog on the various groups but ask relevant questions that the specific group will relate too! I strongly encourage you to use the groups in LinkedIn. You can target the right audience and offer helpful tips or suggestions OR receive good feedback.

3. Change Your Graphics

How often do you change your graphics on your website? If you write a blog, do you add new graphics that are relevant to the blog? Research show that you have about 2 seconds to grab someone’s interest. Chances are, two seconds will be decided with a relevant graphic or a short-to the point header! Go ahead, change it up a bit and grab beautiful, relevant graphics and add headers to your graphics.

4. Think Outside the Box

This saying has probably been overused in the last 10 years, but no matter how much people use it verbally, they need to use it in action! If your marketing plan is not giving you the results you are looking for, you clearly need to change something. Have a good marketing plan in place with target dates and action items. The best people to give you good feedback are your customers- they really do know best! Try something that you’ve never tried before! Look at Best Practices by others. Although they might be from another industry, is there something you can learn from them?  Have fun with your marketing campaigns. It’s OK to incorporate some humor, just beware of the cheesy stuff… again, ask people what they think!

Have fun marketing and if you need help with your marketing, give us a call or email us or visit our website:

Until next time, I wish you successful marketing campaigns!





You CAN Have Both!

Appealing & Functional – Websites

So many people settle for one or the other. They think that they need to give up beauty and appeal of a website if it’s going to be highly functional. The truth of it is… you can have both… NO- You Should HAVE Both!

Having your own business is not a cheap venture. Your website is the last place you want to “cheap up” because your website is a direct reflection of how your company operations, thinks, organizes and so much more.

What does your website say about you?

Take a hard look at your website and look at it through the eyes of a potential customer. If you cringe just a little bit, then you really need to do something about it!

Call To Action!

Give us a call! Our firm always does appealing and beautiful designs all the while making it highly functional. Our prices are affordable and in the end, you will look like a true professional on the top of your game in your market!

Call us today or send us an email or

Don’t settle anymore!  We also specialize in marketing for small to mid-size businesses! Let us be your marketing today and experience growth tomorrow!



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