How To Differentiate Your Business

Focus on the Benefits of your Products/Services

Many companies fail to list the benefits of their products/services. They simply list the obvious.  I challenge businesses to highlight the benefits of those products/services.

Here’s a short exercise.  Write down what your products or services.

Middle: write down what the benefits of those are.

Bottom: Write down what the compelling Benefits are (what are the results) Customer: “Why should I care”




Remember: Consumers don’t usually make a buying decision based on your product or services- interestingly enough, that’s what most businesses promote. People buy the benefits, they don’t buy the features… list the benefits.

Do Something That No One Else Does

Attract new clients through differentiation.  The best place to begin looking in this area is customer service. Find out what the biggest complaint is from your customers. This will give you an opportunity to make a difference, big or small- the choice is up to you.  The problem could be industry wide or just with your company.

Until next time, don’t be afraid to stand out!


Owner and founder of Rain and Company Marketing Group


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