Eight Tips to Increase Views Of Your eNewsletter

Keep It Simple!

We all get them… I’m talking about the e-Blasts that usually end up in the trash! The average open rate according to MailChimp is between 33.52% to 13%

The clean and simple look with relevant headlines is the way to go if you want to draw attention!

Eight Tips

Here are eight important tips for your e-Blasts:

1.The most important item is a large relevant image with a message

2. Have ONE goal and one purpose pertaining your product/services

3. Offer tips, news or relevant information

4. Add links to your social media sites. (small icons please!)

5. No over-crowding allowed! Keep you images clean and captions short

6. Make it fun and entertaining- No one wants to be bothered with blah,blah,blah

7. Give them a reason to check out your website and don’t forget a call to action.

8. Don’t be afraid to buy nice images that are relevant and grab attention

The most important item on my list are the images. Create your image as if that was the only thing people will see and read from your newsletter (because that is the case for most e-Blasts!)

Have fun with your e-Blasts!


Owner of Rain and Company


Passion is Contagious- Spread It Around!

What Are You Passionate About?

One of the main characteristics a good sales person possesses is passion! You can be a business owner, an employee or a contractor- if you are passionate about what you do, it shows and you can spread that passion to others around you!

Are Your Employees Passionate?

Zappos is big on making sure their employees are passionate. They understand that importance and role that passion plays in their companies. Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO states that “We want people who are eager to live the Zappos lifestyle and promote the Zappos culture- not a typical nine-to-five office employee.” A job is more than just a job. Let’s face it, we spread many hours on the job. The team at work should be passionate about the product/service and company.  Is that the case with your company?  If not, what can you do about it?

Passion Says It All!

When business owners and employees are passionate about the company, product or service, that spreads to the customers who in turn can spread the word to their friends and family!

Don’t just live your life day by day- be passionate about what you do for a living. If you’re a business owner, look around your company. If there is no passion…. you have a perfect opportunity to make a difference!

Have a great day!



What is Your Magnetic Force?

What’s Your “Thing?”

Businesses have a tendency to focus on their products or services rather than the benefits of having that product/service.  Make two lists side by side. On the first column, list your product(s) and service(s). On the other list, name the benefits of clients coming to you for this product(s) and/or service(s).  Why should they buy from you?

Social Media Marketing

In an attempt to draw attention to your business, prepare some graphics and list the benefits (really big) and post a picture or write the product(s)/service(s) and make it relevant. Ask yourself this question. Why would anyone want to deal with my business…. and put that answer.  Hopefully, you have more than one answer. do a mini-series of social media campaign and each week, focus on one of your answers. Post your graphic on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and whatever other social media tool that you might prefer.

Keep it real, light and fun!  Write about your company as a whole, not just the products and services. You can talk about the fun events and community efforts you might be involved with. This brings the bigger picture of who you are to the world and it adds the personal touch.

How’s Your Customer Service?

The author Jeanne Bliss asks relevant questions in her book “I Love You More Than My Dog.” She asks “What can you do to let customers know of your sincerity to serve them? What gesture can you offer that helps your customers and draws them to you?”  No matter what business you’re in, the element of relationship will always be one of the most important magnet for your business.

Make it a great day!

If you need help with your marketing or web-design, contact me helene@rainandcompany.com or visit my website http://www.rainandcompany.com

Till next time,



Keep Things Interesting!

List Your Benefits

No, I’m not talking about the medical and 401k employee benefits here!  I’m talking about listing the benefits of using your company!  I encourage companies to focus on the benefits of their service(s)/product(s) rather than list what they do.

The Potential Client Will Read On…

If you begin to list the benefits of using your company, the potential client will pay attention because that’s what (he/she) is searching. Always think like the potential customer when putting together a flyer, banner, blog, etc… If you’re not sure, ask one of your clients and tell them to be honest!  When companies simply list the obvious of what they do, it’s just noise that means absolutely nothing. Listing the benefits on the other hand, is more appealing!

Stir Things Up- Make it Interesting!

I have a great example for you. Generally speaking, gas stations are not known for their clean bathrooms. In putting together an ad campaign, this gas station decided to use the very ” pet peeve” of dirty bathrooms, and turn it around. They are now well renowned for their beautiful bathrooms…. and yes, they sell a lot of gas too.

Make it a great day and keep things interesting!  If you need help with your marketing or web design, contact me helene@rainandcompany.com


Small Businesses Making A Big Difference!

Press Releases are Your Friend!

Many small business owners don’t bother with a press release because they don’t have the staff or the know how.  Our company writes many press releases for small and mid size companies through-out the US and Canada. Your community wants to know about the good things you are doing!  You can write press releases about several things going on in your company such as:

  • New contracts or staff members
  • Your participation in a non-profit organization
  • Offer expert advice or tips for the consumer
  • A new partnership

Make It Interesting!

If you write a press release for your company, make it interesting. Make sure it’s not just a bunch of information that people will translate into “wha,wha, wha,wha” like the Charlie Brown characters.  When you write about something that people can relate too, it becomes interesting. Set yourself apart and talk about your staff or your partnerships and how it affects people around you.

Small businesses can have a big impact- some just don’t know it! I hope you expand your territory by reaching deeper. Branding is not something that happens overnight, but doing little things can make a big difference and give you exposure.

If you need help with a press release, contact us today! You too can shine!

Make it a great day!


Owner/Founder Rain and Company Marketing Group


Trust & Marketing

How To Establish Trust In Marketing

How does a company go about establishing trust? We have all seen various marketing campaigns that promote a product or service and they’re the best and a MUST have!  We all know that those are just “wha, wha” sentences and to be truthful, most people don’t respond either way to such claims or promises. In this society of social media, advertising and gadgets, people have become somewhat immuned by such statements.

Let Your Customers Brag!

It’s one thing to hear a company claim the moon and the stars. It’s another to have a customer promote your product or services. There’s nothing like hearing it from the consumer. Encourage your customers to post about your products/services on your blog, your Facebook pages, ask them to Tweet about it and explain why they love your product/services so much.

Trust is important and experience is the proof. Let the voice of experience speak for your company. Offer incentives for people to talk about your products/services. You could even hold a contest with the most creative video about your product/services!

People can argue with a point of view, but one can never argue with experience!

Make it a great week!


Are First Impressions Important?

Let’s Be Honest!

OK, let’s be honest here, we all do it!  We judge at a glance and within two (2) seconds make a judgement that something is either good or not good.  In the world we now live in, first impressions could mean you get a deal or you don’t.  I’m talking about your website.

Two Seconds is Not Long!

We are bombarded by so much advertising, TV commercials, billboard ads and let’s not forget those emails that you never signed up to receive!  In order to be effective, we must eliminate the noise and decipher what’s legit and what’s “social vomit!” How does your website look? Does it truly represent your values, your company and your excellence at a glance?

Your Website Should be your #1 Sales Tool

If your website does not represent you like it should, perhaps it’s time to consider getting a professional web designer to create a unique website for you. Placement of items and images along with colors and headers are also very important to consider.

If you need help with your website, give us a call and talk to us- It doesn’t cost anything to talk and our prices might be better than you thought! Your branding is extremely important and you should be proud of your website! Call us today if you want a quote (727) 432-8693 and check us out on our website!  http://www.rainandcompany.com

Make it a great day!


Marketing for Today- List The Benefits!

Why List The Benefits?

When you’re planning a Marketing Campaign, make sure you list the benefits! Many people list the product/service and forget to list the benefits! People are educated and will be more tempted to buy your product if they know what the results are going to be!

People Buy For Results

Begin with the end in mind! Why should people buy your service/products? Make it obvious and then add the call to action!  Don’t be too soft on the benefits of your products- think like your potential customer. List the many benefits!

Don’t Let Your Clients Make the Assumption!

So many businesses have the right motive and they market a product or service without listing the benefits! If you’re targeting a new customer, why should they buy the product/service that you offer? We never want to give the job of assuming what the product is to our potential clients- that should be the business’ job- give em all the information!

Call us if you need a Marketing Team or if you need a new and fresh perspective on marketing or web design! We love what we do and we see results!  http://www.rainandcompany.com or call us (727) 432-8693

Make it a great day!


Owner/Founder of Rain and Company

What Sets You Apart?

Do You Know What Sets Your Company Apart From Your Competition?

We’ve all heard that we need to have our elevator speech ready, just in case we need it.  How about knowing off the top of your head, three key points that sets you apart from your competition?

Those Key Points Should Stand Out!

If you know what those three points are, you should post them on your website, brochures, business cards and even incorporate them in your sayings. The key factors that set you apart from your competition are the deciding factors for potential customers to buy from you instead of the competition.

Follow Through

If you state that those key factors set you apart from your competition, you better follow through and make sure those items are a part of every customer experience. Listen to the feedback your customers give you. Customers have the experience and you can never argue with experience! Stand out and let your key factors stand out loud and clear. Knowing how you set yourself apart from competition gives you a new confidence to write that press release and talk about your products/services!

Make it a great day!


Owner/Founder of Rain and Company Marketing Group and Web Design


#1- We Need To Be True To Ourselves FIRST!

What does being true to ourselves have to do with business?

For those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis, you know that I usually stick to business and to practical tips.  This blog is a bit different.  I want to challenge you and ask you if you are pursuing what you are passionate about?  The business that you’re in, is it what you want to do? Does it come naturally for you to do the things you do? So many people live their entire lives trying to imitate someone else. The sad thing is that all along, they were suppose to be who they are and that brings so much value to the workplace, family, friends… and it draws customers in because they are passionate about the product or service and it comes naturally!

Follow Your Passion- It is Contagious!

As a marketing specialist, I tell my clients that there is one thing that is more contagious than anything else and that is passion!  If you’re passionate about your business and your products/services… then you will draw customers on  your side and they will believe in the product/services that you offer. Without passion, you simply have a blah product/service.

Time For A Check-Up?

We all need to take some time and do a self check-up of where we are in life. Life changes all the time and so many of us need to adjust just to survive. Survival should be a temporary place, but many people make it a permanent residence.  What happens next, is that you start to hate what you do and you have no passion to grow or evolve into the next thing. If that’s you, I encourage you to take inventory of the things you are passionate about and pursue those things!

Life is too short to settle and we do so much better when we simply agree to be true to ourselves first! My favorite saying this year is “I Just Want To Be Me!”

Make it a great day!





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