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Engagement Marketing- Four Key Factors

What does Engagement Marketing Really Mean?

More and more companies are using the term Engagement Marketing.  It has a nice sound and most people would understand that the topic is about getting potential customers engaged. The question is HOW?

Most People Don’t Marry Strangers

Today’s social media allows people to research, evaluate, talk to, comment and much more. Some advertisements that are oftentimes loud, intrusive and simply put, white noise are also relevant.  Let’s compare engagement marketing to a potential marriage. There are four key factors that are crucial for effective engagement marketing.


A connection is necessary. It could be over the internet, in person, through a referral, an ad, phone call or something else.  At this point…. first impressions are made by the potential customers. This stage is all about the looks!

Inform/Get To Know

This factor is the show and tell. What are the needs? What are they looking for? How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition? Many companies don’t address how they differentiate themselves at all- this is important. Share your testimonials on your website. Establish your brand and what your company stands for (loud and clear). Many businesses simply list their services and products when they should really focus on the benefits of their products and services.


Several discussions take place and trust begins to be established. If you have the product/services the potential client is looking for, develop a friendship, find common ground and make it personal.


This one is big- this speaks of your reputation, your services, your customer service…. and you’re not the one doing it… the customer does it for you IF you’ve engaged properly!

When I work with clients, they are more than just another person I encounter. I want every single business that I work with to do well and succeed. I spread the word about their businesses and they do the same about mine.

Engagement marketing is more than just a term, it’s an investment. Many companies want this, but are not willing to invest the time and money to “wow” the potential customer.  With the current economic conditions… many companies are bringing the circus along to wow their potential customers. Don’t be afraid to be give it your all in this phase.

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Make it a great week!


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Eight Tips to Increase Views Of Your eNewsletter

Keep It Simple!

We all get them… I’m talking about the e-Blasts that usually end up in the trash! The average open rate according to MailChimp is between 33.52% to 13%

The clean and simple look with relevant headlines is the way to go if you want to draw attention!

Eight Tips

Here are eight important tips for your e-Blasts:

1.The most important item is a large relevant image with a message

2. Have ONE goal and one purpose pertaining your product/services

3. Offer tips, news or relevant information

4. Add links to your social media sites. (small icons please!)

5. No over-crowding allowed! Keep you images clean and captions short

6. Make it fun and entertaining- No one wants to be bothered with blah,blah,blah

7. Give them a reason to check out your website and don’t forget a call to action.

8. Don’t be afraid to buy nice images that are relevant and grab attention

The most important item on my list are the images. Create your image as if that was the only thing people will see and read from your newsletter (because that is the case for most e-Blasts!)

Have fun with your e-Blasts!


Owner of Rain and Company


How Can I Get Your Attention!!! Look at me please! LinkedIn Can Help with that!

Are You Looking Yet?

Trying to get someone to notice you online is like going into a stadium during the hype of a game and screaming “Look at Me!” Just because we say “Look at Me” doesn’t mean anyone hears us!

When we drive our cars, we often see signs on the side of the road “open house” and for the most part, we never pay attention.  If I go back eight years when my husband and I we were looking for a house, we did pay attention to the “open house” signs on the road!

The same is true for marketing. If we want to be heard, we need to be in front of the right audience.  We’re not going build a vegetable stand in the middle of the mall- people don’t go to the mall to buy potatoes and squash. The flea market might be a better option.

LinkedIn Can Help with That!

Obviously, you need to be in front of the right people… seriously, you don’t to sell guns to toddlers!  Get involved with GROUPS on LinkedIn and you will be in front of the right audience!  Once we’re in front of the right audience…then what?  Glad you asked! Make your story highly visual and personable! Tell your story of how you became a business owner and who you are. Have some of your clients post referrals about you. Send your story to local news stations and newspapers… don’t just make it about selling your product/service…. let people know your story. No matter how digital we all become, nothing will ever trump the relationship card. So, what’s your story? Why should businesses or individuals choose you?

We can help you with all that and we can also make some pretty sharp, highly functional websites with SEO! http://www.rainandcompany.com

Make it a great day and live today with a purpose!

The Importance of Beauty + Functionality+SEO=Successful Website

Design beautiful, creative, SEO, functional websites in Tampa Bay, FL

Do you know that the average person will look at a website for less than two seconds? If you ranked high enough or had the right keywords and you attracted a potential customer, two seconds is not a long time. People don’t read a chapter in two seconds… what determines if they stay or leave?

1. Beauty: Are you graphics appealing and relevant to your products/services?  Do you have tag lines that can be captured in less than two seconds?

2. Functionality: Are the items positioned in a way that is easy for the ready to follow? Do you have too many functions or banners or advertising on your website? Can someone find what they want at a glance (even if it’s the product button).

3. SEO: Do you have tags on each image? Do you have nice long titles that are relevant to what you offer? Do you regularly research what keywords people are using to get to your website and are those in your meta tags?

I know, I’m asking a lot of questions for a stranger! I want your website to be all that it can be :-)  Problem is, it can’t do it without you or someone who has the knowledge to do so. The way I see it is pretty simple. You’ve already paid to have a website and hosting and email addresses…. but that’s only half of what needs to be done. If you can’t do it, there are experts who can help! Your website should be your best seller, if it’s not, maybe it’s time to contact us!  http://www.rainandcompany.com

Until we speak again!


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