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How To Get More Referrals

Your Best Prospects Come From Referrals

As a business, you already have a customer base. Leverage that customer base in a unique way and make those customers talk about you!  “People will never talk about you to others if you haven’t given them something unique or different to say.” by Maribeth Kuzmeski in her book …And The Clients Went Wild!  That’s a great ready by the way!  I highly recommend it!

Make Sure You Do What You Say You Will Do

Establishing credibility is key in a new business relationship. The wonderful tools of social media have made it easy to over-promise and under-deliver. No business wants to be labeled as a business who under-delivers.  If anything, businesses want to known for going above and beyond.  Believe it or not, developing that personal relationship goes a long way!  It’s not just about you or them, it’s about your circle and their circle and when the two get together, you could very well have referrals!

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Passion is Contagious- Spread It Around!

What Are You Passionate About?

One of the main characteristics a good sales person possesses is passion! You can be a business owner, an employee or a contractor- if you are passionate about what you do, it shows and you can spread that passion to others around you!

Are Your Employees Passionate?

Zappos is big on making sure their employees are passionate. They understand that importance and role that passion plays in their companies. Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO states that “We want people who are eager to live the Zappos lifestyle and promote the Zappos culture- not a typical nine-to-five office employee.” A job is more than just a job. Let’s face it, we spread many hours on the job. The team at work should be passionate about the product/service and company.  Is that the case with your company?  If not, what can you do about it?

Passion Says It All!

When business owners and employees are passionate about the company, product or service, that spreads to the customers who in turn can spread the word to their friends and family!

Don’t just live your life day by day- be passionate about what you do for a living. If you’re a business owner, look around your company. If there is no passion…. you have a perfect opportunity to make a difference!

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Marketing Is Not A Cookie Cutter Formula!

As I look at different marketing packages out there, I see packages with specific services provided. Today’s marketing is so involved with all the new social media craze and the SEO techniques. There are infinite ways to offer advertisement or to make your presence known either on the web or in print. It is critical for Marketers to meet with their clients and LISTEN! The days of shooting the arrow in the dark and hoping it will fall on or close to the bulls eye are OVER! The approach of dealing with a business that is B2C is completely different than a B2B business. Sure, one can do all the social media presences, but the question of the hour is “Will it generate the leads that you want?”

Targeting the right audience with the right message is crucial and it doesn’t happen all the same way for everyone! Work with a marketing company that you trust! In the end, after the hype, the intimidating processes to SEO and the Internet tornado- there are the results. RESULTS NEVER LIE! Get on board with a company that looks at YOUR picture and not just their services. Opportunities are endless, but not all of them are good for you! The main questions I ask my clients are this: 1.  What is your main objective?  2. Where do you see your company in one year from now?  3. Do you have everything in place for growth?

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