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Engagement Marketing- Four Key Factors

What does Engagement Marketing Really Mean?

More and more companies are using the term Engagement Marketing.  It has a nice sound and most people would understand that the topic is about getting potential customers engaged. The question is HOW?

Most People Don’t Marry Strangers

Today’s social media allows people to research, evaluate, talk to, comment and much more. Some advertisements that are oftentimes loud, intrusive and simply put, white noise are also relevant.  Let’s compare engagement marketing to a potential marriage. There are four key factors that are crucial for effective engagement marketing.


A connection is necessary. It could be over the internet, in person, through a referral, an ad, phone call or something else.  At this point…. first impressions are made by the potential customers. This stage is all about the looks!

Inform/Get To Know

This factor is the show and tell. What are the needs? What are they looking for? How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition? Many companies don’t address how they differentiate themselves at all- this is important. Share your testimonials on your website. Establish your brand and what your company stands for (loud and clear). Many businesses simply list their services and products when they should really focus on the benefits of their products and services.


Several discussions take place and trust begins to be established. If you have the product/services the potential client is looking for, develop a friendship, find common ground and make it personal.


This one is big- this speaks of your reputation, your services, your customer service…. and you’re not the one doing it… the customer does it for you IF you’ve engaged properly!

When I work with clients, they are more than just another person I encounter. I want every single business that I work with to do well and succeed. I spread the word about their businesses and they do the same about mine.

Engagement marketing is more than just a term, it’s an investment. Many companies want this, but are not willing to invest the time and money to “wow” the potential customer.  With the current economic conditions… many companies are bringing the circus along to wow their potential customers. Don’t be afraid to be give it your all in this phase.

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Marketing for Today- List The Benefits!

Why List The Benefits?

When you’re planning a Marketing Campaign, make sure you list the benefits! Many people list the product/service and forget to list the benefits! People are educated and will be more tempted to buy your product if they know what the results are going to be!

People Buy For Results

Begin with the end in mind! Why should people buy your service/products? Make it obvious and then add the call to action!  Don’t be too soft on the benefits of your products- think like your potential customer. List the many benefits!

Don’t Let Your Clients Make the Assumption!

So many businesses have the right motive and they market a product or service without listing the benefits! If you’re targeting a new customer, why should they buy the product/service that you offer? We never want to give the job of assuming what the product is to our potential clients- that should be the business’ job- give em all the information!

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Four Steps Towards A Successful Marketing Campaign!

Why is it that so many companies keep going back to what they know! Perhaps it’s because the unknown represents taking risks!  Let’s face it, the unknown can be a scary place…what if we fail?  On the flip side of that, what if you win and win big?

Is your company at a stand sill? Are you doing the same things over and over again with your marketing? If it’s not working for you, THEN IT’S NOT WORKING and you NEED to change something.

1. Take A Survey or Ask People You Trust!

Take a survey of your products/services and ask people what they think of: 1. the product 2. the marketing approach and ask them if they would buy your product/service. So many times, marketers are in front of the same product/services and they loose sight of the big picture. Listen to what the feedback is and try not to take offense.

2. Ask Questions to the right Audience!

So many people make it a habit to copy and paste the same thing to the different venues. For example, if you write a blog about your product/services, offer advice or ask questions. If you’re on LinkedIn, post your blog on the various groups but ask relevant questions that the specific group will relate too! I strongly encourage you to use the groups in LinkedIn. You can target the right audience and offer helpful tips or suggestions OR receive good feedback.

3. Change Your Graphics

How often do you change your graphics on your website? If you write a blog, do you add new graphics that are relevant to the blog? Research show that you have about 2 seconds to grab someone’s interest. Chances are, two seconds will be decided with a relevant graphic or a short-to the point header! Go ahead, change it up a bit and grab beautiful, relevant graphics and add headers to your graphics.

4. Think Outside the Box

This saying has probably been overused in the last 10 years, but no matter how much people use it verbally, they need to use it in action! If your marketing plan is not giving you the results you are looking for, you clearly need to change something. Have a good marketing plan in place with target dates and action items. The best people to give you good feedback are your customers- they really do know best! Try something that you’ve never tried before! Look at Best Practices by others. Although they might be from another industry, is there something you can learn from them?  Have fun with your marketing campaigns. It’s OK to incorporate some humor, just beware of the cheesy stuff… again, ask people what they think!

Have fun marketing and if you need help with your marketing, give us a call or email us info@rainandcompany.com or visit our website: http://www.rainandcompany.com

Until next time, I wish you successful marketing campaigns!





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