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Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Marketing plan for your business

10 Marketing Ideas for 2013

Here are 10 marketing ideas that could help your marketing efforts! Consider a marketing plan an investment in your company’s future if you don’t have one yet!

Here are a few marketing ideas to consider and perhaps implement!

  1. Make sure your website has the wow factor and is easy to navigate through (this represents your company) don’t go cheap on this one… it will show!
  2. Utilize social media on all levels and add relevant groups to your LinkedIn account.
  3. Offer a “door buster” service or product (get the customer in the door) then you offer a good experience and they come back!
  4. When you write your ads, don’t speak at people, make it personal so that the potential client can connect.
  5. Target your audience- promoting to the wrong audience is just white noise that no one listens too!
  6. Don’t be afraid to send out flyers with hand written notes. When you send it out, don’t type out the label, hand write the label instead.
  7. Create press releases and talk about what’s going on in your company such as new hires, new products, initiatives, community involvement.
  8. Attend trade shows and make sure your booth stands out (because you should be in front of the right audience) this is a golden opportunity!
  9. Offer coupons and discounts and have a referral program in place.
  10. Send out e-Blasts that have relevant content and offers for your customers. Change things up and make it interesting… give them a reason to want to read your e-Blast!

Hope these tips help out!  If you need help with your website or with your marketing, give us a call or visit our website http://www.integratedmarketingusa.com

Til next time!


Eight Tips to Increase Views Of Your eNewsletter

Keep It Simple!

We all get them… I’m talking about the e-Blasts that usually end up in the trash! The average open rate according to MailChimp is between 33.52% to 13%

The clean and simple look with relevant headlines is the way to go if you want to draw attention!

Eight Tips

Here are eight important tips for your e-Blasts:

1.The most important item is a large relevant image with a message

2. Have ONE goal and one purpose pertaining your product/services

3. Offer tips, news or relevant information

4. Add links to your social media sites. (small icons please!)

5. No over-crowding allowed! Keep you images clean and captions short

6. Make it fun and entertaining- No one wants to be bothered with blah,blah,blah

7. Give them a reason to check out your website and don’t forget a call to action.

8. Don’t be afraid to buy nice images that are relevant and grab attention

The most important item on my list are the images. Create your image as if that was the only thing people will see and read from your newsletter (because that is the case for most e-Blasts!)

Have fun with your e-Blasts!


Owner of Rain and Company


What is Your Magnetic Force?

What’s Your “Thing?”

Businesses have a tendency to focus on their products or services rather than the benefits of having that product/service.  Make two lists side by side. On the first column, list your product(s) and service(s). On the other list, name the benefits of clients coming to you for this product(s) and/or service(s).  Why should they buy from you?

Social Media Marketing

In an attempt to draw attention to your business, prepare some graphics and list the benefits (really big) and post a picture or write the product(s)/service(s) and make it relevant. Ask yourself this question. Why would anyone want to deal with my business…. and put that answer.  Hopefully, you have more than one answer. do a mini-series of social media campaign and each week, focus on one of your answers. Post your graphic on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and whatever other social media tool that you might prefer.

Keep it real, light and fun!  Write about your company as a whole, not just the products and services. You can talk about the fun events and community efforts you might be involved with. This brings the bigger picture of who you are to the world and it adds the personal touch.

How’s Your Customer Service?

The author Jeanne Bliss asks relevant questions in her book “I Love You More Than My Dog.” She asks “What can you do to let customers know of your sincerity to serve them? What gesture can you offer that helps your customers and draws them to you?”  No matter what business you’re in, the element of relationship will always be one of the most important magnet for your business.

Make it a great day!

If you need help with your marketing or web-design, contact me helene@rainandcompany.com or visit my website http://www.rainandcompany.com

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Four Items Every Website Should Have!

Four most important thing a website needsWe’ve all seen the “not so pretty” websites. There’s the highly functional but ugly websites and then there’s the “really, what were you thinking” websites out there.

As a web designer, I try to stay on the edge of the latest trends.  Here’s a list of four things every website should be mindful about and should absolutely have.

  1. Relevant Photos and Images. The goal is that you want people to read what’s on your website right? Study show that you have less than 2 seconds to entice a viewer to “want more” so if you don’t have relevant and captivating images, people won’t stay on your site.
  2. Captions that describe who you are in 10 words or less. Who are you? What do you offer? Why should I pick you? Those are all key questions that should make up the main caption on your website. Make it big and bold so that people don’t have to search.
  3. Social Media. Many people refuse to get on board with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Blogging (just to name a few.) This is not a contest about who will give in first. Social Media is about driving traffic to your website. Times have changed and yes, Social Media has become important if you’re a business owner. Ask for help if you can’t figure it out!
  4. Blogging. If you have a website, you can drive twice as much traffic to your website if you have a blog. I’m not talking about a blog that is hosted on another server. In order to drive traffic to your website, you will need a blog with your url- example: http://www.yourwebsite.com/blog. Every time you add a blog, you add another page to your website. Although I create all my websites in HTML/CSS, I use WordPress for my blogs because they can be interactive. I can add categories, tags and photos.

If you’re in business, you should at least have all the items that I listed above. There’s a lot of competition out there, why not stand out and be the best you can be!

Make it a great day!



Small Businesses: Spread the Word with Social Media!

Successful B2B = Word of Mouth!

Social Media and Small Businesses

Hubspot published an incredible Whitepaper entitled “Marketing Data: 100 AWESOME Marketing Stats, Charts, & Graphs.”

In my previous blog, I talk about adding the personal aspect for B2B Marketing. This graph is a good example of how effective personal opinion can be.

Don’t be afraid to use social media to get customer feedback. Of course a company will always say good things about their product(s) or service(s)… BUT when it comes from a third party, people pay more attention.

A wise person once told me “You can’t argue with experience!” That’s it right there, in a nutshell! Contact us today and let us be your marketing department!  http://www.rainandcompany.com

Have a great day!

Marketing Is Not A Cookie Cutter Formula!

As I look at different marketing packages out there, I see packages with specific services provided. Today’s marketing is so involved with all the new social media craze and the SEO techniques. There are infinite ways to offer advertisement or to make your presence known either on the web or in print. It is critical for Marketers to meet with their clients and LISTEN! The days of shooting the arrow in the dark and hoping it will fall on or close to the bulls eye are OVER! The approach of dealing with a business that is B2C is completely different than a B2B business. Sure, one can do all the social media presences, but the question of the hour is “Will it generate the leads that you want?”

Targeting the right audience with the right message is crucial and it doesn’t happen all the same way for everyone! Work with a marketing company that you trust! In the end, after the hype, the intimidating processes to SEO and the Internet tornado- there are the results. RESULTS NEVER LIE! Get on board with a company that looks at YOUR picture and not just their services. Opportunities are endless, but not all of them are good for you! The main questions I ask my clients are this: 1.  What is your main objective?  2. Where do you see your company in one year from now?  3. Do you have everything in place for growth?

Check out my website at http://www.rainandcompany.com

Make it a great and productive week!

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