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Focused Marketing

One Thing vs Many Things

Most of us would consider ourselves multi-taskers.  When neuro-scientists conducted some research, they found that issues that deal with attention and consciousness, it is best to focus on one thing versus many things.  Bottom line is if you want customers to remember your product and your brand, don’t make your customers multitask when you’re trying to get their attention on your product or service.

Motion Attracts Our Attention

Have you ever noticed how some TV infomercials use very animated speakers? You could be presenting to a group, TV commercial, one-on-one, use motion to grab your audience’s attention. Focus your movement where you want their eyes to focus on- Where there is movement, someone is looking!  Videos are becoming more and more important in companies advertising campaigns- include the product/service with motion.

I hope you have a great week!  Keep your advertising to the point and simple to read at a glance.

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Customer Engagement Rules

Ongoing Dialogue

Customer engagement is no longer a series of one-off experiences—it’s an ongoing dialogue. Companies should develop ‘listening skills’ in this new social media age. It means listening  to customers who are already having conversations about brands –yours and others—in traditional online channels as well as over the social Web.

Keeping it REAL

Those conversations need to come across in a genuine and human way- keep it real. Important elements to invest into are to establish trust and form relationships through open, honest interactions over time.interactions that create positive experiences and outcomes for your customers.

Proactive outcomes include participating in the online conversations, solving problems, answering questions, hearing ideas and giving positive feedback while supporting them.


Responding to the customer’s feedback is critical- Unlike just a few years ago, the customer now has all the tools to be in the drivers seat. Businesses can benefit by staying engaged with customers or potential customers who talk about your products/services.

Take some time today and discover how you can engaged with your customers!

Make it a great day


Owner/founder of Rain and Company


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